SNUBA | underwater experience
snorkeling | diving combined


DID YOU KNOW - SNUBA International and it's licensed SNUBA Recreational Centers around the world represent the largest affiliated dive operations in the world.

DID YOU KNOW - SNUBA Recreational Centers have conducted over 3 million dives without a single injury claim.

DID YOU KNOW - SNUBA Recreational Centers conduct as many as 2500 SNUBA dives per day

DID YOU KNOW - Many of the largest diving operations in Hawaii, the Pacific and Caribbean are SNUBA Recreational Centers

DID YOU KNOW - SNUBA participants are mainly first time divers with BASIC swimming skills, and or, snokeling experience.

DID YOU KNOW - That on your SNUBA dive you can stay at any depth YOU fell comfortable at. Everyone can be at different depths without interfering with the other participants.

DID YOU KNOW - The SNUBA dive system is not offered for sale and can only be experienced through licensed SNUBA Recreational Centers who provide guided supervision.